Frisolac AR 400g (previously Frisolac Comfort) is specially formulated for children with minor digestive problems such as vomiting, colic & constipation. It contains carob bean gum, a fibre with its thickening properties to provide relief for the following symptoms – regurgitation, constipation and colic pains. It can be used from birth onwards.

Product details:-
  • Produced in The Netherlands
  • Step 1 (0-12 months)
  • New Improved formula
  • No added sucrose and flavor
  • Easy digestion
  • NOVAS Signature Milk (Smaller and softer structures)
  • LocNutri™ Techonloogy (Maximum nutrients preserved)
  • DHA, Omega 3, Pro & Pre Biotics, Protein, Vitamins and many more

Frisolac AR 0-12 months 400g

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