Friso® Gold made with NOVAS™ Signature Milk is farmed and formulated in The Netherlands. With naturally small molecules and soft structure, the upgraded milk with no added sucrose or flavor is Easy to Digest so your child can be Stronger Inside.

Dutch Dairy Heritage

With over 140 years of Holland dairy science expertise, we take the best of nature and make it better with science. We have a rich heritage of nourishing, growing children naturally with all the essential milk nutrients.

Holstein-Friesian Con Breeds

We believe milk quality starts at its source.
The Netherlands leads in premium genetic quality black and white Holstein-Friesian cows, with neck sensors to monitor their daily activities and care for them like family.

Happy, Stress-free Environment

We provide a good foundation and environment for our cows, with customised feeds and a stress-free environment, milking them as they wish because happy cows make better quality milk.

NOVAS™ Signature Milk

We deliver milk that is rich in natural nutrients.
The expertise of our Dutch farmers and the quality of our cows makes all the difference in delivering milk protein with naturally small molecules with soft structure so it's easy to digest.

LocNutri™ Technology

LocNutri™ technology, a mild heat treatment is used to preserve nutrients, so it can be closer to its native structure. It's easy to digest so that your little ones can enjoy over 50 essential nutrients for growth, including DHA and GOS.